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We use medicated thread “Ksharsutra” formulated by us only for treatment of piles, fistula, and fissure only. Only one setting is sufficient for piles. Patient cure within 3-4 days only, but for fistula it depends on the track of the fistula. Every week we call patients for thread-change. Every week the average cutting range is one cm. only. Until thread passes through track, we call patients for thread-change. In this treatment patient should kept NBM for 6 to 8 hours. Patients should anaesthetized by general or spinal or local. Give lithotomic position for operative. First insert jelly on index finger then do dilatation of anal canal. After stretching apply sponge holders & hold the external surface of the anus. Then take a guaze specie into sponge holder deep into the anal canal. Then withdraw the sponge holder towards you. Automatically piles will come into the anal region. Then catch the piles by pile holder. Insert the curve needle along with linen thread no.40 at the pile base. Transfix the ball like structure and ligate it by 3 knots. Apply Ksharsutra on it. Then excise the ball like structure by scissor. In this manner do the same thing for another piles.

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Detail Information

1.NBM for 8 hrs.
2.After that Liquid diet for 2 days
3.Support antibiotic, analgesic and laxative – purgative drug.
4.Sitz bath is compulsory for 5 days

No Hospitalization,
No pain,
No bleeding, Economically less charges than another surgery,
Not necessary


  • Dr Sambhaji Garje

    B.A.M.S.(MUMBAI) Fellowship in Ksharsutra(mumbai) consulting proctologist

    Dr. Jyoti Garje

    B.H.M.S for Laides patients, Fellowship in Anorectal diseases consulting proctologist